Luffing Tower Crane

    In dense urban areas traditional tower cranes cannot always meet the lifting requirements of busy construction sites, Luffing tower cranes or luffing jib cranes were designed to meet the needs of engineers and contractors working on high rises in confined urban environments and multiple crane job sites.

    Without sacrificing the reach that you need in a tower crane, luffing tower cranes can work within confined spaces by raising or lowering their jib, effectively reducing the slewing radius.  Easily adaptable to the needs of your job, these cranes ensure you can work as quickly as you need to in unforgiving applications.

    FEATURES of Luffing Tower Cranes:

    Durable Construction for Demanding and Extreme Environments: All of our cranes are constructed with top quality materials that have proven they can handle the extreme stress of the most difficult environments.

    Modular Design to Reduce Transport Costs: Shipping your crane is costly, which is why our luffing tower cranes were designed to break down into smaller pieces to make transportation less of a burden.

    Long Lasting Parts: Every crane in our fleet was designed to stand up to the test of time. With rust-free paint on all sections and top quality, high performance parts, your down time is kept to a minimum and your investment is protected.

    Built in Safety Features: We understand how critical safety is to you, all our cranes have outstanding visibility, base ballast for added stability and radio remote controls to ensure operators and materials are safe at all times.

    Ergonomic Operator Compartments: If your operator is comfortable productivity doesn’t diminish over their shift, our cabs offer heating and air conditioned systems and easy to read displays so operators can keep working hard regardless of the time of day or year.

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