We build highly usable stuff!

    Our company is mostly specialized in tower cranes trading; spare parts and maintenance, and also construction equipments, our products and services are delivered by highly qualified engineers leading a professional technical team with a strong safety and safe-work practices.

    Tareeq Al Majd strength resides in the fact that we are able to supply cranes or equipments to any construction project type or take up any technical challenge. Our product portfolio includes small self-erecting cranes (700kg capacity/26m) as well as much bigger slewing cranes like the Potain MD 3200 able to carry up to 80 tons, Similarly, hoist models range from 1 to 4 ton lifting capacity and are offered with variable speeds ranging from 36m/minute to the world’s fastest PEGA hoist with a speed of 120m/minute 3.2 ton lifting capacity.

    Here in UAE, we have two teams of erectors that come with technicians. They follow the qualifications to the standard set out by the municipalities of the UAE. Tareeq Al Majd is sometimes brought in by other local companies to help with the more complex jobs, where our knowledge and experience is unsurpassed in the Country.

    The policy of responding with speed and expertise has been rewarded over the years in the form of repeat business resulting in constant growth making us the leading company in the Tower Cranes and Construction Equipment Business in UAE, another factor driving our growth has been the versatility of our equipment to satisfy a vast range of possible applications. Our equipment has been successfully used in many sectors like Infrastructure Construction, Roads, Steel Industry, Engineering Industry, Cement, Warehousing, Logistics, Building Construction etc,,.

    Since we started our business, Tareeq AL Majd has focused on bringing the best tower crane and construction equipments to it’s Clients, and since we are doing business in tower cranes and maintenance of tower cranes, we have developed a unique expertise and knowledge of operating, assembling, and servicing Tower cranes.

    Our technical knowledge and foundational support, combined with the high quality of our product, has made Tareeq Al Majd one of the most successful in the lift equipment industry in UAE.

    Our Vision

    Customer satisfaction, Integrity and commitment in all aspects of business are the core values of the company.


    Our Mission

    •  To procure projects at competitive pricing
    • To provide safe working condition and quality work within reasonable time frame
    • To provide immediate solutions for immediate needs
    • To provide safe and good workmanship for the repair and maintenance of your equipment

    Maintenance, Dismantling, Erection, Jack up and Jack down the Tower Crane and Passenger Hoist.

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